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Burgess McCain Limited is dedicated to placing the most expert creatives within the reach of the most appreciative clients.

We source acclaimed providers of creative solutions and introduce them to the creatively needy; those who recognise the value in dazzling ideas conjured from the ether to fill a creative void.


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However mere ideas are practically useless, so Burgess McCain manages the projects which evolve from these introductions. In other words, we sort all the tiresome logistics, so the creatives just have to worry about being creative, and the clients don't have to worry about anything.

From ghostwriting individual letters to complete novels, composing contagious jingles to feature film scores, and designing eyecatching visuals to earworm radio ads, Burgess McCain takes the strain (meanwhile, you can take the credit).


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Principal Agent, Vicky Stone, is a tech-savvy project manager who believes Burgess McCain's 1:1 ratio of agent to creative not only works best for the clients, but for the creatives as well.

"Our creatives are only happy when they're making stuff," she says "And our clients are happiest when they're having stuff made. It's a win-win scenario."

Everything is possible, from web-ads to screenplays, if the right creatives have sight of the challenge.

So let us know; what's challenging you?


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